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Croydon Dental Care

 Croydon Dental Care

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Dentistry – Selsdon,SOUTH CROYDON,England

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  • Extremely rude and totally unprofessional attitude receptionist. Went for a treatment and was asked to pay £22.70 for the third time as I had previously had two consultations and was paid the same amount. On my last visit I was tole to pay £44.64 and was informed since my tooth will have to be extracted next week, there will no need pay any further amount. On my arrival for tooth extraction the rude receptionist (a different one from my last visit) asked me to sign an NHS form and again pay £22.70. I tried to explain that I had already paid £44.64 and was expecting nothing to pay this time, she said," this is an emergency consultation and you will have to pay £22.70 again". She just was not listening and had a chip on her shoulder. I calmly trying to explain to check the records and she was getting very agitated and said, " do you want the treatment or not".
    I could not believe my ears. I was pain with my tooth ache and I asked her if there was somebody else I could speak to. I could see there was another person behind the glass partition and that person did not come out to intervene or help with the situation. I have no intention of going back there again and please avoid the receptionist if you can. I cannot tell the language she came out with. Totally careless. She should be at the front office at all.
    I paid the above amount as I wanted the tooth extraction as I was in great pain. The saving grace was the dentist himself, Mr Nitesh was very good at his job and relieved me of my pain that the rude receptionist had added to it.

  • I have been going to this dentist for 10 years and I have just been fired by them and been told I won’t be seen anymore which I find highly unfair. I have cancelled an appointment in the beginning of 2019 and 2 appointments recently both due to illness. I was told by their receptionist not to go given the current Covid situation so technically they have cancelled it for me. I’m sure every decent human being would have done the right thing by calling them up to ask if I should or should not go in. Yet I’m being punished and not being seen in an emergency.
    And for this reason you deserve 0 star.

  • Rude customer service in particular from the receptionists. I have had issues with the way they talk to me, in general, a few times. The final nail in the coffin for me was the attitude when being told that the NHS no longer send texts or emails when you have appointments coming up, and it was 'tough' that I missed an appointment. Apparently, a call that I received two month prior for a different appointment that they had to change due to a hygenist not being in was enough to remind me of the appointment two months later that I made the day I had my previous appointment per there instruction. I have never had a dentist tell me that they don't send reminder messages. These guys must seriously be trying to save money. Or make money on missed appointments somehow.

  • Thankful whilst *some* NHS dentists refusing new clients the team were able to. see me and diagnose 2 teeth needed removing. Couldn't have hope for more helpful team. Thank you

  • Very traumatic experience due to the non professional attitude of the dentist .
    Emergency appointment for an impacted tooth , the specialist decides to take it out.
    Problem is the appintments on NHS are industrialised , they want you out of there in 5 minutes.
    The woman does not have any kind of empathy for patient's pain , nor patience for the anesthetic to take it's effect for the person to not feel excruciating pain . She replied with " Hurry up i don't have all day, or we will have to leave it like it is" after 2 tries only while i was passing out from the pain literally.
    That woman has no place in that clinic and if she behaves this way with patients.
    NHS or Private we are all expecting a minimum of humanity when it comes to what it's done during the appointments especially with emergencies , it's people like her that give a bad image to the healthcare system in UK . I was so shocked. No wonder the clinic has 3.1 reviews .

    Update : 20.03.2020 - as i suspected the woman left remaining tooth pieces inside which resulted in continuous pain and more issues that i had to fix privately and more recovery times.

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