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South Ealing Dental Practice

 South Ealing Dental Practice

 81 S Ealing Rd, Ealing, London W5 4QR, UK

 +44 20 8914 8226

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  • Always good experience from a dental phobic - had an appointment today emergency as id knocked out big chunk of front tooth front filling. Saw Dr Hira he was great made me feel completely at ease numbed me up to my eyeballs ( my request) fixed my front filling and cleaned my stained fangs - as best as possible. He did a great job thanks to him & his assistant.

  • I had a check up and deep clean with Dr Zerai. She was friendly, professional and thorough keeping me totally informed during the procedure and making every effort to reduce discomfort. I would definitely recommend Dr Zerai to anyone seeking a new dentist in the South Ealing area!

  • Excellent dental practice. Friendly and highly professional team. Work carried out to a very high standard.

  • I have received treatment sporadically for the last 15 years from various periodontists, including rather expensive ones in London's Wimpole Street. However, my recent treatment with DR CHANDI SHAH was by far the best. Not only was she empathetic and professional but her guidance on the continual care of my gums has changed my daily dental routine. I cant recommend her highly enough and just wish that I had found her sooner. Thank you Dr Shah.

  • The worst dental service ever!!!! so... I can start with: I was born in Romania but lived half of my life in Italy. I had lots of trouble with my teeth since i was a child but never and never a dentist touched a tooth if there was an infection in place (in Romania or in Italy). First antibiotics and when the infection was gone, the dentist looked at the tooth.
    Never was afraid to go to the dentist.
    My story at the South Ealing Practice: Friday morning .... emergency... abscess at wisdom tooth.... didn't sleep all the night...unbearable pain. My partner told me to go to this dental service (he was going here for a long time and he was happy). 9:00 o'clock . At the reception I asked for someone with experience because the tooth was under a crown. The price for the only examination 45 £. The dentist after seeing me decided for extraction the same day in the evening and when I asked about antibiotics he said that I don' need any from his point of view. Wow! Wisdom tooth with infection doesn't need any antibiotic at all????????
    I was afraid but couldn't bear anymore the pain so I decided to have it taken out. And here the most awful story: At the first touch of the needle of the anesthetic I had a terrible shock and, after pushing his hand away I asked for more patience but the dentist was in a hurry to do the anesteshia: He was waiting for me to open my mouth with the injection ready in his hand and looking at the clock on the wall (because of course he had other appointments and he needed to finish in time). In that moment I felt that I was an animal waiting the butcher to do his job. In the end, scared to go home with my unbearable pain and because the first injection started to have effect, I agreed to have the anesteshia done and the tooth extracted.Once outside I burst into tears. In the end I had the antibiotics and pain killers for 5 days only. How much did I pay? Private Complex extraction = 195 £. Total that day: 240 £ and the worst experience ever!

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